Trust Sayings and Trust Quotes

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by Brady on IPhone Backgrounds
Trust Sayings and Trust Quotes

Whoever does not want to be fooled should have their eyes on every finger. (Danish thoughts)
Who has cheated you as many times as you did yourself? (English thoughts)
I'll admit to everyone the right to cheat on me - except my friend! (Meša Selimović)
A cheater can only be cheated by a bigger cheater than he, but it is no pleasure. It's a style scam.
When someone cheats you for the first time - he's guilty, when he cheats you the second time - you're both guilty, and if he's cheating you a third time - it's only you.
When you cheat on a cheater, you become a cheater yourself.
If you have too much confidence, you may be fooled. But if you do not trust, you will live in pain. (Frank Crane)
Where there is love, there is lie, there is deception. (Latin thoughts)

by Chevonne on IPhone Backgrounds
Trust Quotes

Sometimes people do not trust you because of the behavior of a person close to you. It is quite offensive that this is why parents and professors doubt you. Accept what is happening, don't fight it. It is working to prove that in addition to others acting in this way, you can be trusted.

by Bridget on IPhone Backgrounds

To believe you or not to trust other people, such a question is not relevant in itself, because if you are a realist and you know the nature of a person, then you also know the answer to that question. And it wouldn't make sense to write this article about people's distrust, if the very problem of that distrust wasn't too swollen to some people, to the extent of the same sociophobia. Generally, I dislike all of these phobias, because you can split the unconscious form of fear as much as you want and disassemble each part of it, saving the person from one or the other phobia. But why deal with such hemorrhoids if you can fully recognize all the fear and then deal with it once and for all? But people tend to complicate things, not to everyone, but to many, especially those who benefit from it. We will miss such a concept as sociophobia, and although this psychological terminology does not confuse us, you have distrust in people, let's think better about how relevant it is.

I believe that for many of you, especially those who constantly read me, it makes no sense to explain that the footprint of the past bears the foundations of human behavior in the present. If a person unconsciously does not believe in people, suffering from excessive suspicion, then someone has driven him boldly. Yes, most of us are faced with the betrayal of other people, what I can say, for a man to betray himself naturally, all depends on the conditions that will contribute to his betrayal. I call it a bar, so for myself and those with whom I communicate on this subject, I have chosen just such a comparison. There are people to whom the bar hangs very high, i.e. of course they can betray themselves, but in exceptional circumstances, with an obvious threat to themselves. But there are those whose strap hangs very low, they are ready to replace you at the first opportunity, for the smallest kindness for themselves, for the smallest gift for their egoism.

by Breeda on IPhone Backgrounds
Trust Sayings and Trust Quotes

Trust is a two-way street: you will get it if you give it. For example: if you want your parents to believe you, try to trust them by telling them the truth about yourself. If you want reciprocity to be built on trust, you have to trust the other person as much as yourself.


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