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by Minichea on

Love is often the motivation, the cause and cause to do something, the inspiration and theme of the most beautiful works of art, but also a major driver in everyday life. When we love our job, it is easier for us to do, when we love what we do - we are better at it, when we love someone - we have the strength for everything, and when we love ourselves - nothing is a barrier to us.

Many wrote about love, created and made war on her behalf, inspired her; many tried to explain, learn, and understand, but for some, love represented the greatest suffering and pain. Take a look at what some of the most famous artists, great minds, significant historical and contemporary figures have said and thought.

by Mike on
Love quotes

Each person at the beginning of the partnership idealizes love and hopes that everything will be "right", that it will be able to avoid the anxiety of everyday problems, difficulties and insecurities. This kind of idealization leads to a trap - from the idea that everything is always good, there is a desire for control, both of ourselves and the partner, in order to make love seem secure. The pursuit of controlled security leads to the disappearance of the romance, excitement and spontaneity that love offers. The partnership and love that partners share is no exception to life that is sure of uncertainty and unpredictability. So, also, love in a partnership is a necessary field of uncertainty, uncertainty, difficulty, but also the freedom for each partner to be what he is, he says what he considers significant, to overcome the difficulties of engaging both personal and strength of the partnership. Although love in a partnership builds its history that both partners rely on, every day of the relationship is a new experience. This is so for the simple reason that as humans we are daily exposed to different challenges and situations through which we change and grow. These experiences affect the partners and the relationship itself.

by johan on
love quotes

Starting from the foundation of partnership, commitment, connection, respect and understanding stand out as an active part of love. When we are committed to a relationship, we are ready to actively listen to a partner, ask questions about the topic he is talking about, and it is very useful to ask a question to check that we have a good understanding of the partner (“As I understand you are talking about…”) . In this way it is clear that we are actively involved and at the same time avoid the possibility of misunderstanding. Although sometimes we do not have the answers to a partner's dilemmas or difficulties, the effort to find the answer together is of invaluable value in strengthening relationships. Through the example of active listening, other significant activities are opened up: involvement of partners in personal and shared conversations and activities, as well as seeking, expressing a clear need for a partner, honesty, respect, making an agreement, respecting intimacy. Partners can sometimes develop at a personal or professional level at different rates. Agreeing on how each other will support and trust in each other's capacities can sometimes save a connection from the collapse that comes from the idea of ​​"I grew up, we became two different worlds".

Anxiety and insecurity are often drawn into a relationship through fear of change, that is, the desire to keep everything the same. To say or do something different is not necessarily bad, but on the contrary, the desire for the person and the relationship to be the same. Introducing a change in partnership (be it a job change, a relocation, a change in vision dynamics…) does not in itself carry the risk that the relationship will cease to exist. A relationship is made by two people, it is their creation and therefore only people, not circumstances can distort what is created. The ways in which partners cope with change and challenge rather than change per se are what influences the relationship.


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