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by Gabryle on
Leadership Quotes

The difference between a successful leader and a tyrant is sometimes only the tone by which he communicates. You can have in your head exactly what you want to achieve, but you have to keep in mind that your team cannot read minds. Also, if you are trying to explain a vision and it seems like the team doesn't understand it, the mistake is not theirs but your own.

To improve leadership, work from the beginning to establish healthy communication boundaries. Explain which method of communication is closer to you, and then establish an open door policy to let your team know that they can ask for an explanation for anything, and that their opinion will be heard.

by Jae-Seong on
Leadership Quotes

Collaboration means not only working with each team member, but also taking full responsibility for specific tasks and the outcome of working with colleagues. A good leader achieves successful collaboration by properly delegating tasks.

The more successfully you connect the problem and the person who needs to solve it, the more closely connected the team is willing to work together towards the same goal. This requires significant trust and close collaboration with each member to create a vision that each of them can agree on.

The key to successful collaboration is to evaluate the team and the capabilities of each individual in it.

by Gabrielle on
Leadership Quotes

It's important to be able to "read between the lines" and look at the deeper message behind every piece of information you receive. It is also important to reject all preconceptions and assumptions and recheck the data in solving each problem, as this is the only way to evaluate the result without bias.

Thinking critically requires exercise, but it is one of the most important qualities of a leader. Those who are able to develop this skill can recognize the difference between average and great ideas, delegate tasks to the best associates, set an example of how to solve a problem and achieve the desired outcome.

Anyone can advance their critical thinking to some extent. This means that you should not be afraid of going back to the beginning of the journey, that you need to tirelessly collect data, find different sources, listen to other team members, and combine the capabilities of all involved in solving problems.


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